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Section 11019 - Desist and Refrain Order

(a) Whenever the commissioner determines from available evidence that a person has done any of the following, the commissioner may order the person to desist and refrain from those acts and omissions or from the further sale or lease of interests in the subdivision until the condition has been corrected:

(1) Has violated or caused the violation of any provision of this part or the regulations pertaining thereto.

(2) Has violated or caused a violation of Section 17537, 17537.1, or 17539.1, in advertising or promoting the sale of subdivision interests.

(3) Has failed to fulfill representations or assurances with respect to the subdivision or the subdivision offering upon which the department relied in issuing a subdivision public report.

(4) Has failed to inform the department of material changes that have occurred in the subdivision or subdivision offering which have caused the subdivision public report to be misleading or inaccurate or which would have caused the department to deny a public report if the conditions had existed at the time of issuance.

(b) Upon receipt of such an order, the person or persons to whom the order is directed shall immediately discontinue activities in accordance with the terms of the order.

(c) Any person to whom the order is directed may, within 30 days after service thereof upon him, file with the commissioner a written request for hearing to contest the order. The commissioner shall after receipt of a request for hearing assign the matter to the Office of Administrative Hearings to conduct a hearing for findings of fact and determinations of the issues set forth in the order. If the hearing is not commenced within 15 days after receipt of the request for hearing, or on the date to which continued with the agreement of the person requesting the hearing, or if the decision of the commissioner is not rendered within 30 days after completion of the hearing, the order shall be deemed to be vacated.

(d) Service and proof of service of an order issued by the commissioner pursuant to this section may be made in a manner and upon such persons as prescribed for the service of summons in Article 3 (commencing with Section 415.10), Article 4 (commencing with Section 416.10) and Article 5 (commencing with Section 417.10) of Chapter 4 of Title 5 of Part 2, of the Code of Civil Procedure.