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Government Code Section 66452.17 - Notice to Prospective Tenants

(a) Commencing at a date not less than 60 days prior to the filing of a tentative map pursuant to Section 66452, the subdivider or his or her agent shall give notice of the filing, in the form outlined in subdivision (b), to each person applying after that date for rental of a unit of the subject property immediately prior to the acceptance of any rent or deposit from the prospective tenant by the subdivider.

(b) The notice shall be as follows:


“To the prospective occupant(s) of

The owner(s) of this building, at (address), has filed or plans to file a tentative map with the (city, county, or city and county) to convert this building to a (condominium, community apartment, or stock cooperative project). No units may be sold in this building unless the conversion is approved by the (city, county, or city and county) and until after a public report is issued by the Bureau of Real Estate. If you become a tenant of this building, you shall be given notice of each hearing for which notice is required pursuant to Sections 66451.3 and 66452.5 of the Government Code, and you have the right to appear and the right to be heard at any such hearing.

(signature of owner or owner’s agent)

I have received this notice on ___________________________.

(prospective tenant’s signature)”

(c) Failure by a subdivider or his or her agent to give the notice required in subdivision (a) shall not be grounds to deny the conversion. However, if the subdivider or his or her agent fails to give notice pursuant to this section, he or she shall pay to each prospective tenant who becomes a tenant and who was entitled to the notice, and who does not purchase his or her unit pursuant to subparagraph (F) of paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) of Section 66427.1, an amount equal to the sum of the following:

(1) Actual moving expenses incurred when moving from the subject property, but not to exceed one thousand one hundred dollars ($1,100).

(2) The first month’s rent on the tenant’s new rental unit, if any, immediately after moving from the subject property, but not to exceed one thousand one hundred dollars ($1,100).

(d) The requirements of subdivision (c) constitute a minimum state standard. However, nothing in that subdivision shall be construed to prohibit any city, county, or city and county from requiring, by ordinance or charter provision, a subdivider to compensate any tenant, whose tenancy is terminated as the result of a condominium, community apartment project, or stock cooperative conversion, in amounts or by services which exceed those set forth in paragraphs (1) and (2) of that subdivision. If that requirement is imposed by any city, county, or city and county, a subdivider who meets the compensation requirements of the local ordinance or charter provision shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements of subdivision (c).