Select Business & Professions Code Provisions
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Section 11010.10 - Advance Review of Declaration

A person who plans to offer for sale or lease lots or other interests in a subdivision which sale or lease (a) is not subject to the provisions of this chapter, (b) does not require the submission of a notice of intention as provided in Section 11010, or (c) is subject to this chapter and for which the local jurisdiction requires review and approval of the declaration, as defined in Section 4135 of the Civil Code, prior to or concurrently with the recordation of the subdivision map and prior to the approval of the declaration pursuant to a notice of intention for a public report, may submit an application requesting review of the declaration, along with any required supporting documentation, to the commissioner, without the filing of a notice of intention for the subdivision for which the declaration is being prepared. Upon approval, the commissioner shall give notice to the applicant that the declaration shall be approved for a subsequent notice of intent filing for any public report for the subdivision identified in the application, provided that the subdivision setup is substantially the same as that originally described in the application for review of the declaration.