Select Business & Professions Code Provisions
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Section 11018.7 - Material Amendments

(a) No amendment or modification of provisions in the declaration of restrictions, bylaws, articles of incorporation or other instruments controlling or otherwise affecting rights to ownership, possession, or use of interests in subdivisions as defined in Sections 11000.1 and 11004.5 which would materially change those rights of an owner, either directly or as a member of an association of owners, is valid without the prior written consent of the Real Estate Commissioner during the period of time when the subdivider or his or her successor in interest holds or directly controls as many as one-fourth of the votes that may be cast to effect that change.

(b) The commissioner shall not grant his or her consent to the submission of the proposed change to a vote of owners or members if he or she finds that the change if effected would create a new condition or circumstance that would form the basis for denial of a public report under Sections 11018 or 11018.5.

An application for consent may be filed by any interested person on a form prescribed by the commissioner. A filing fee to be fixed by regulation, but not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25), shall accompany each application.

There shall be no official meeting of owners or members nor any written solicitation of them for the purpose of effectuating a change referred to herein except in accordance with a procedure approved by the commissioner after the application for consent has been filed with him or her; provided, however, that the governing body of the owners association may meet and vote on the question of submission of the proposed change to the commissioner.